Sunday, 5 June 2011

Stars and a pitch!!!

Laryea Kingson (in black pants) and Stephen Appiah(in white trunks) leave the pitch.
I recently joined a crowd that had gathered to watch an informal training session of some of Ghana's very recent former soccer stars. A grass-less, red earth, almost obscure field hosted legs that had made Ghana so proud on countless occasions and graced some of the leading leagues on the globe. For me it was a moment to extend a very personal thanks to Stephen Appiah the only and first captain to have led the Black Stars to the world cup. Appiah's selfless devotion to country marks him out. I shook his hand; small talk followed; I could feel the steely resolve and charisma with which he led Ghanaian colours on countless battles on the football pitch. He still looks great; in evidence was that great physical presence: a cross between a rhino and an ox. Any smart government must give him the Order of the Star of the Volta. He more than deserves it.  On his right sat Laryea Kingson. In Ga I told him some of us were waiting for the moment he would play for the Black Stars at the world cup; it is now just a dream; maybe. Awudu Issaka(him of the Starlets fame) was on the pitch too and Matthew Amoah.  As I watched them tango with the red earth I wondered why Accra has no fields(grassed; organized; even humane) in a nation completely gobsmacked by this game?   

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