Monday, 6 June 2011


I have been pondering this maxim which seems to have taken root in our polity in contemporary times. Monitoring the news today it has been repeated ad nauseam that if Yaw, Ayisi or Rawlings alleges corruption they are talking nonsense unless they can offer proof. I mean the corrupt first and foremost will hide their booty and cover their tracks with all the subterfuge they can muster. If ordinary folks make the case about corruption it is in my view the duty of the state machinery to set the processes in motion to investigate. Kwame becomes a minister and then over night has four mansions in Accra and 6 four wheel drives sitting in his compound; people see this transformation and ask questions; should they offer proof before they are taken serious?

 In the first place a serious government intent on dealing with theft of public resources will ensure that government appointees do not live above their means and will take allegations of corruption serious enough to do their own checks( do an Anas if need be). It is lazy politicos who see power as a sure route to  ill gotten wealth who when confronted with corruption will respond as though we are in a court of law and say " where is your proof?": for me that is complete hogwash!!!! Any serious government will subject its ministers and appointees  to almost hellish standards of public morality; that is the sure route to the TRANSFORMATION we seek!!!!

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