Tuesday, 10 April 2012


File:Confessions of An Economic Hitman Cover.jpgI have been observing the public sphere and the sometimes very confounding analysis emanating from some quarters. I have been reading John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hitman(2005, Random House) and I think our policymakers, academics and broadcasters need to read this book.Perkins was essentially a first degree holder who was transformed(recruited into a putative think tank called MAIN) into a fake economist and econometrician providing fake figures and reports for international organizations like the World Bank and "advising" a swathe of countries in the developing world on engineering, energy and construction projects.Perkins was part of a massive racket involving fake CVs, conjured track records and the publication of dubious "academic articles" . These individuals and entities are STILL HERE!!! My chapter in this work http://www.brill.nl/african-engagements looks at some of these issues.

A few quotes:

" The fact was that I had never thought of myself as a bona fide economist.I had graduated with a bachelor of science in business administration from Boston University with emphasis on marketing. I had always been lousy in mathematics and statistics(Perkins,2005:137)."

" My status as chief economist.....could not be attributed to my capabilities in either economics or planning(Perkins,2005:137).

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