Monday, 9 January 2012


I replied to a very useful list of Ghanaian writers put up by a fellow blogger here 

My comment below. Please feel free to add your bit:

An excellent list….what about those writers who have written columns, features, op-eds and the rest of such stuff and SHONE for years with blinding brilliance. Sometimes they impacted the popular consciousness even more than the “book” writers.
Older, some deceased
Paul Ansah’s column in the Ghanaian Chronicle. A masterpiece which took on the powers that be without flinching.
Cameron Dodoo has been active in a variety of media especially magazines like The New African.
Kwesi Yankah’s Woes of Kwatriot column was a regular staple of the Mirror. Satire at its most witty.
Eben Quarcoo’s pieces lit up the pages of Tommy Thompson’s the Free Press newspaper.
Contemporary, active; semi-active
Kwaku Addo Sakyi-Addo his column Back to Kokomlele which appeared regularly in the Ghanaian Chronicle was sublime; his last column which appeared in the Accra Daily Mail was called Rear View. He has written tomes of work for Economist, the Guardian, BBC Focus on Africa magazine, etc.
Alhaji Harruna Atta’s Taking Issues Column which appeared regularly in the Statesman was crafted in the heavens. Irreverent, pulsating and a sheer delight of penmansip he affected the national conscience week after week with his biting pieces which spoke bitter truth to power.
Gabby Otchere-Darko’s Quanawu Column also appeared in the Statesman newspapers. Acrid, blazing and very sweetly crafted pieces. Gabby is still very active in the Daily Guide newspaper.
Audrey Gadzekpo’s pieces appeared in the Chronicle newspaper and the Mirror as well. She tended to deal with weighty policy matters and the mundane, commonsensical stuff that politicos simply missed.
Baffour Ankomah whose trenchant pieces appear in the New African magazine.


  1. I will add under the Older, some deceased header Jones Ofori-Atta whose works appeared in the Legon Observer and later the Statesman I think. I learnt the word "esoteric" from his writings.

  2. Under contemporary, active, semi-active header I will add Kabral Blay Amihere. I remember his Back on the Block column which appeared in his own Independent newspaper. I think he has written some books too: Two very informative memoirs the latest of which was published two years ago I think.

  3. Your comments about columnists are quite valid, and I could add (and show my age) the "Pioneer" (in Kumasi) columnists Antiochus (the late Joe Appiah) and Yaa Asantewaa (Valerie Sackey, before she went to the Castle)

  4. Under Contemporary, active; semi-active

    I would also add Nii Moi Thompson for unforgettable pieces on pressing national questions presented with poetic crispness!!!

  5. Under Contemporary, active; semi-active

    I will also add Boakye Agyarko with his penetrating Letter from America Column in the Statesman. Nana Addo is lucky to have that man in his campaign team; he will break stealth, depth and intelligence to the possibility of winning the Ghanaian presidency this year.