Friday, 30 December 2011


I have been pondering Dr. Nduom's fall out with the CPP and his rather confounding belief that he can be president of this our Republic by forming, heading and leading a movement to electoral victory in one year!!!! I have no qualms with his ambitions. But listening to him for years I am not sure what his PROGRAM IS beyond the over flocked pro-business outlook which is just talk in the face of the MASSIVE GEO-STRATEGIC,  GEO-POLITICAL AND GEO-ECONOMIC RE-CONFIGURATIONS of our times.

 From a distance I do not see his connection with the MASSES; it is at best strained and put on(I have been to Elmina and heard what some ordinary folks think of him politically!!!). The logic is that if he understood the centrality of the MASSES to our politics today he would have pushed for building the CPP into a POWER WINNING AND RETAINING ORGANIZATION. All our major parties have become essentially ELECTORAL MACHINES seeking POWER without a membership exposed conscientiously to the WHYS and WHEREFORES of the party(beyond its own sentimental, weepy, origination narratives and imported ideologies) and the NATIONAL AGENDA. This gap is therefore filled by a brutal cost-benefit calculus which powers the search for POWER and when POWER is attained is FREELY vented and lays the basis for its quick lose. The NPP between 2000-2008 was a classical example and the NDC at this juncture(and also from 1992-2000). This is the Ndoum pathology which he will come to terms with rather too late!!!!  


  1. A personal take on the recent develop has me rather welcoming this move by Dr.NDOUM. If not for anything now CPP now has the chance to very much reconnect with the Patriot of this country: the youth very much at the center of this, comrades who have been forced to diverge to follow the next best alternative due to representational leadership. With Samia Nkrumah as chair i do hope CPP see this more as the long awaited opportunity to gain back their punch in this our political landscape. The ball is your court, if you back date with unclear, unorganized and un-modernism party structure and vision (personally that is set for them so how they are getting it wrong beats me. You would be doing what you have to doing for years on end stare at the seat of power and be hopeful for a miracle every next election. Sad

  2. Interesting points Danny!!! Cheers!