Sunday, 30 October 2011


The HELP YELP on wheels!!!!
I penned the free verse below which I titled the THE HELP YELP close to a year ago sickened by the beggar mindset that seemed to have enveloped an otherwise very proud people, Ghanaians. My research shows that “Ghana” means “ warrior King.” Warriors confront challenges; kings lead. Warriors do not buckle at the slightest challenge and extend a cupped hand waiting for crumbs to fall into them nor make a virtue of toothy smiles around solicited items from used panties to paltry loans while the cameras flash. The refrain I heard from the highest levels of government when the little rains almost stopped the frenetic pace of this 100 some capital of ours was worryingly reflective of this beggary: “ government is sourcing funds from our donor partners to build storm drains yadayadayada.” Are we children? Or we are admitting that the donors use their minds and hands better than we do? To be a Republic means you have taken your destiny into your very own hands; this reality our politicos and elites must come to grips with at the neural level I strongly submit.  Please read on:     

Everywhere one hears the help yelp

Almost inescapably it floods your ears and your very mind

Our presidents use it and ministers and the high and mighty and the ordinary man and woman too

On official cars; on walls; on TV; on radio

The help yelp howls: DONATED BY

And then smiling faces, items in the background, obsequiousness and then groveling

Where did Ghana’s pride go?

How did our DIGNITY escape us?

When did a perennially outstretched hand become de rigueur?

How did the help yelp become fashionable?

Our ancestors said: if you don’t WORK HUNGER will stalk you

The venerable Paa Willie had echoed this sentiment: animguase mfata Ghana ni

To wit: Shame cannot be the lot of the Ghanaian

We have forgotten so soon

How do we restore our Pride?

How do we stop this Help Yelp?

How do we reclaim our Dignity?

Its starts with you and me

When we refuse to be overcome by any little adversity

And look within to solve our problems by hard thinking and unrelenting hard work

Then we would realize the fine gems we have that we thought were useless stones!


  1. well articulated and written.

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  3. Thank you Wofa. Deeply appreciated given that time for you is JUST TOO SCARCE!!!! Have a very nice week!!!