Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Daily Graphic, J.J. Rawlings and the BNI

The last topic on the thread before the transition:

The Daily Graphic carried a front page story today about the possibility that Rawlings might be called to the BNI for possible interrogation about what I will label the Herbert Mensah tape. I am laughing my head off. I have come to one conclusion : on account of events in our political history(at least the last thirty years) it seems to me that none of Rawlings's contemporaries who hold the reins(and have held) of power CAN EVER bring this man to book for anything. 

He has become simply untouchable and above the law. I mean so many of our elites have eaten voraciously from his palm that I think they simply quake in their shoes and elsewhere to make the law takes its course against  him. I mean it would be a pure fantasy to see Rawlings cuffed, made to do a perp walk and shoved into a waiting police van.

Indeed the Graphic story reflects this position of mine. Brigadier Nunoo-Mensah bristles that Rawlings may(the fear is ominous) be sent to the BNI for questioning and then in a laughable twist urges the media to pursue the truth of this matter to its logical end. When did the media become a law enforcing institution? Cheapshot!!! I mean lets just agree that we cannot touch this guy and GET ON WITH OUR DAMN WRETCHED LIVES!!!!!!

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